Dalian Institute of Urban and Architecture Design was founded in 1984. It is now a top 10 architecture design company in Liaoning Province, with 37 years of history. The Company has qualifications of first-class architecture design, first-class urban and rural planning design, second -class civil air defense project special design, second –class landscape special design, municipal administration special design, second –class project consultation. The company now has 230 designers, two Liaoning Province project design masters, five Dalian outstanding design masters, 20 professor class senior engineers, 80 senior engineers, 16 Class 1 Registered Architects, 15 Class 1 Registered Structural Engineers, 16 Registered Equipment Engineers, 14 Registered Urban Planners, 60 Master Degree Candidate. The company has 7 professional departments, Architecture Department, Structure Department, Plumbing System Department, Ventilation Department, Electric Department, Design Department, Planning and Landscape Department. Architecture Department has 9 Architecture design teams. Structure Department has 5 Structure design teams, Steal 1 Structure design team, 1 Curtain Wall design team. Design Department has 2 design teams. 1 interior decoration design team. Municipal administration design team. The company has the ability of multi-profession design, achieves architecture and decoration integration design, implements project design main contractor.

Dalian Institute of Urban and Architecture comprehensive ability leads inside the nation, holds the post of vice chairman of Dalian Engineering Survey and Design Industry Association, vice chairman of Dalian Green Building Council, China Engineering & Consulting Association Structure Branch member of a council. President of the company, Mr Qiu Shaoguang is senior president of design company in Liaoning Province, who had the honor of first batch project design master of Liaoning Province in 2008, holds the post of The Architectural Society of China Structure Branch member of a council, National High-rise Structure Committee member, MOHURD Structure standardization Committee member, Investigation expert of seismic resistance overrun of Liaoning Province. The company is architecture design industry leader, which insists technique innovation. BIM design ability of the company leads inside the nation. For 6 years the company obtains BIM application competition awards of China Engineering & Consulting Association. Among these awards Xinghai Long Island super High-rise, Best commercial complex, Zhuanghe Sports Center, Long-For Lake & Mountain, Vanke City lights commercial complex obtain national BIM application competition first prize. The company holds the design idea of first-class design quality, design ability, design speed and design service. Design realm includes libraries, museums, science museums, commercial complexes, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, education buildings, sports buildings, residence buildings. The company has abundant design experience and speciality in education buildings, residence buildings and commercial complexes. The company insists original architecture design, who has over 2000 design achievements, 30 million area, over 100 national, province, city outstanding design prices, among which Best commercial complex, Hulu Island five star Yurong Hotel, Liaoning Province Zhida Construction Group Office Building, Qingyun 58 Street, Dalian Hanfeng Office Building obtain province first class price, Eastern SanJose , Eastern Santa Clara, Dalian XInghai Castle Museum, Dalian Profession Technique College Second Teaching Building, Dalian No.9 Middle School over 50 projects obtain province second class price.
The Company positively participates design competitions. The rate of winning is over 80%. Design team innovates, studies and absorbs advance design ideas inside and outside the nation, respects local culture, digs Chinese traditional ideas, extracts history and culture elements suits contemporary progress, injects in architecture language, creates architecture competitive produces with era price.
Dalian Institute of Urban and Architecture Design Co., Ltd